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Pub gun victim 'was set up by woman in the bar'

A 20-year-old man who was gunned down in a city pub at was set up by a woman who was in the packed bar, the Herald can reveal.

Gardai are working on the theory that Darren Cogan was betrayed by a woman who knew him and who was in phone contact with the hitmen who killed him at 12.10am on Saturday.

Mr Cogan was gunned down in the Black Horse Inn, Inchicore, on Saturday. Two masked men had earlier burst into the pub brandishing a shotgun and handgun. They returned at 12.15am and shot him.

"The investigation team believe that the hitmen were given specific information from inside the pub. A woman known to the victim is suspected of helping them out, of giving details of the young man's exact location," said a source.

"Gardai are keen to talk to this woman and other individuals who were in the pub earlier on the night of the murder.

"This was a very brazen murder which happened just minutes after gardai had left the pub where they were called about the earlier incident. The victim was associated with criminals but it would be wrong to think he was a major criminal," the source added.

Mr Cogan, whose body is due to be released to his family tomorrow, was not known to gardai for any involvement in serious crime.

Sources believe he was murdered by two well-known criminals from Crumlin -- who have been locked in a bitter feud for years with some of Mr Cogan's associates from Crumlin area.

One line of the investigation is whether Mr Cogan was shot dead just because of his close association with the criminal elements who have been involved in the feud.


The feud is closely linked to the notorious Crumlin/Drimnagh feud and involves just a few families from the Crumlin area. Some of Mr Cogan's associates are linked to the 'King Ratt' faction that has been at war with 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's mob for over a decade.

The two men suspected of involvement in last weekend's murder are part of the new generation of gangsters aligned to Thompson's mob.

There has been a huge upsurge in tension, with taunts and threats being made on Facebook in the days before Mr Cogan was murdered.

His murder is the first to occur as part of the so-called 'new generation' of feuding in the Crumlin/Drimnagh area and sources believe it could lead to more tit-for-tat violence.

Tensions had increased in recent weeks between Cogan's associates and the Crumlin mob because of a row over a girl, a minor drugs bust, a pub assault and accusations of co-operating with gardai.

As well as dozens of incidences of vandalism and assault, a young woman had her face slashed with a knife outside a Tallaght nightclub earlier this year.