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Psychic denies telling cancer woman not to have chemotherapy


One of Ireland's self-described "leading clairvoyants" has denied advising a woman with ovarian cancer not to have chemotherapy.

The psychic, Bernie Stokes (34), is also known as Bernie Pepper and is a cousin of UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

She was an early participant on RTE's Operation Transformation last year.

Yesterday, she strenuously denied ever mentioning the issue of chemotherapy or treatment to the woman's family.

"I want to apologise. I am devastated for the family that I got her diagnosis wrong," she told RTE Radio One's Liveline.


"I did tell them that I didn't see cancer and I did advise them to get a second opinion, but as regards telling her not to get chemo, I do not recall advising the lady about her treatment.

"I just know that they are not words I would normally use. I mean, if I had advised her not to get treatment I could have killed her if I did say that."

Ms Stokes admitted telling the woman not to trust the doctors, basing this advice on a "psychic message" she claims the woman's dead mother had passed to her.

"I've saved many lives. People have told me that because of me and my guidance they are alive today," she said.

Live on air yesterday, the cancer sufferer's daughter, Stacey, challenged Ms Stokes, telling her that she saw her speaking to her mother at Parnell's GAA Club.

"You looked me in the eye, I remember it as if it happened 10 minutes ago, she said, "and you said, 'Don't let chemo enter the body'."

Ms Stokes again denied using these words and suggested that maybe Stacey was "mixed up'"

Stacey strenuously refuted this, and said her family is only highlighting the matter so that it does not happen to others.

"Shame on you," she told Ms Stokes.

Yesterday, a caller named Elizabeth claimed that her sick relative, Bernie, was advised to ignore medical advice and refuse chemotherapy.

"My cousin was due to return to hospital before we attended Bernie's show in Parnell's GAA Club," said Elizabeth.

"She approached my cousin at the show and said, 'You're not well'.

"My cousin told her that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

"Bernie said, 'You don't have cancer, and don't mind those doctors'."


Ms Stokes said she was putting her reputation on the line and that the woman would be coming back to her when she got the "all-clear" from the doctors.

The comments were delightedly received by the woman and her family and led her to delay seeking cancer treatment.

However, when she returned to see her doctor she did not get the news she was hoping for.

"I think Bernie needs to change protocol in her show and not put people through this," Elizabeth said.

She urged people who may be vulnerable or in similar situations to think twice about going to a so-called medium as it can lead to "devastating consequences".

Tickets cost an average of €10 for Ms Stokes' clairvoyance shows.