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Psychic chick Rocky's fame soars after his GAA picks

THE career of Ireland's most famous pet, Rocky the Chicken, will soar to new heights this month.

The cute psychic chick first hit the headlines when it picked the winning teams of the All-Ireland championship, even predicting the defeat of his own local team Kildare against Down at the senior football semi-final.

But his owners never dreamed that he would become a TV star with his own slot on RTE.

Elaine McDonald, from Rosetown in Newbridge, who reared Rocky with husband Paul and daughters Ella (3) and Hanna (1), said she was not surprised by his rise to fame.

"He's a very confident little lad, he's very chatty and reads the newspapers over our shoulders," she told the Herald.

"When people came over from TV3, he was not feisty at all unlike other chickens, and he's so cuddly, he's a real pet!

"The girls from 2fm who picked him when he was just three days old to become Ireland's version of Paul the Octopus, loved him, and he's been a hit with everyone since."

The cuddly black and brown chick even made an impression on RTE staff, as they invited him to a new children's programme, Elevate.

"He will be featured on our new show that starts on September 20," a spokesperson for the national broadcaster confirmed.

"We're looking to have him featured for the All-Ireland final, and then maybe have him appear more regularly, he'd make all sorts of predictions. We're still deciding at this stage, we haven't finalised anything."

Elaine is delighted with the success of her family pet and said she might get him a present for the occasion.


"I'm thinking of buying him a little dog tag with his name, like the one Rocky wears in the Hollywood films.

"It would look good for his debut on television," she said.

"I'm also going to make sure we record the episode he is in, Ella and Hanna will probably be on the show with him, and maybe my niece and nephews.

"I'll play the tape on their 21st birthday or something."

The nine-week-old chick has also had his share of criticism.

Some of his detractors have even considered making a meal out of him after he accurately predicted the loss of his home county, Kildare.