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Prove you're paying waste bills - council

Dublin City Council wants north inner city tenants to prove they are using an official waste contractor for their rubbish.

The council will be writing to all tenants over the coming weeks requesting the proof.

The move is the latest bid by the council to tackle the illegal dumping problem, which is costing it €670,000 a year.

The matter will also be raised at a meeting of the north inner city local area committee in City Hall next Tuesday night.


A council spokesperson confirmed they will be writing to all tenants in the area over the next few weeks asking how they dispose of waste and details of their waste contractor.

Tenants in houses have bin or bag collections, while tenants in flat complexes have communal bin facilities.

The council will be looking for receipts as proof of the tenant's waste collector.

This week the council put on hold a proposal not to collect illegally dumped rubbish from litter black spots in the area.

Officials had proposed leaving illegal waste uncollected for between five and seven days as a deterrent.

The plan was abandoned after health concerns were raised by councillors.

Brendan Hayden, assistant area manager, said the plan had not been completely discounted.

At the moment, private waste companies collect tagged bags, but thousands of untagged refuse bags are being left on the streets and the council is obliged to collect them.

Greyhound, which carries out some of the waste collection in the north city area, says it "shares the council's disgust at the extent of illegal dumping and fully supports its initiative to introduce bye-laws compelling household bag customers to prove that they have a waste disposal supplier".

The company says customers can request a receipt at the point of purchase as proof of payment.