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Protests in Dublin, London, Berlin and Auckland over law

DUBLINERS joined protesters in London, Berlin and Auckland to voice their anger about Irish abortion laws last night.

The city's main thoroughfare of O'Connell Street was swamped by angry protesters calling for the repeal of the controversial eighth amendment.

Around 3,000 people attended a demonstration which was organised by a number of pro-choice organisations in light of the treatment of the teenage rape victim whose child was born by Caesarean section on Wednesday August 6.

The crowd stretched from the Spire to the Daniel O'Connell statue for the hour-long demonstration.

"I feel very strongly that the eighth amendment needs to be repealed and this case has shown that the legislation in place makes Ireland an unequal country," Hillary Harmon (32) from Ballsbridge told the Herald.

Fellow protester Damien Connell from Rialto brought his 10-month-old daughter Maya along to the march.

"I think that the bill was really inadequate. We need to see real change in this country. I don't want my daughter growing up in this society without her full rights," he said.

Another man who joined the march explained that he was there to support the female members of his family.

"I believe that women should have the right to choose about her own body," 25-year-old Chris Judge said.

One of the event organisers, Sinead Redmond, addressed the large crowd highlighting the migrant status of the woman at the centre of the latest controversy.

Lucy Keavney a mum of four from Rataoth in Meath explained that she had marched when the X case made headlines in the early 90s.

"I was in France with the women's rugby when this news broke and while I was bursting with pride to wear my jersey at the match, I was ashamed to wear green when I heard how this woman was treated," she said.


"I don't want my children to grow up with different rights."

The latest wave of protests comes less than a week after it emerged that an young woman was denied an abortion by the HSE.

The young woman had said she would rather die than bear her rapist's child.

A second protest is planned, while a candlelight vigil organised by the pro life campaign will take place on Friday at the Dáil.