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Protesters scarred or are they making it up?

WHAT exactly are these Dail protesters doing with fake cuts and marks on their faces?

On another night of unsavoury activity at our seat of Parliament, it wasn't clear what point these two women were making.

But there seemed little rhyme or reason to this form of protest and the pair refused to explain exactly what they trying to prove when asked by the Herald.

The women were among those who took part in the Right to Work protest outside the Dail on Tuesday night.

Violence skirmishes erupted when hardline Republicans from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement -- aligned to the Real IRA, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and Eirigi -- squared up to Gardai.

For the second week in a row ultra-left-wing protesters created havoc around the Dail.

One of the two women with the make-up carried a placard that said: "Our taxes, our say. No more brutality defending greedy rich."

A fellow protester was concerned at the women's bizarre tactics.

The man said he was concerned that "it takes away from the point of the protest".

"This was make-up. They were fixing it on themselves," he said.

A photographer who covered the event said he had been concerned in case that anybody thought that these girls had been the victim of a real assault.

However, Senator Terry Leyden said "It was a theatrical approach they were adopting. They were causing nobody offence," he said.

The Right to Work protest on Tuesday night will be repeated next week.