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Protest over, the evicted landlords have decamped

A PROTEST by a Killiney couple over their forced eviction from their home last week appears to be over, with their tent lying collapsed on the green in front of their former home.

Brendan (71) and Asta (63) Kelly could not be contacted a week after they were dragged by bailiffs from their five-bedroom home in the exclusive St Matthias Wood, off Church Road.

The couple, who own a large number of properties in Dublin and London, had taken up residence in a blue tent they pitched outside the house.


Their aim was to highlight their plight and being physically pulled from the house that the former Anglo Irish Bank repossessed from them following mortgage debts in the region of €2m.

But the heavy winds have blown the tent across the road and dumped it onto a green, leaving the bricks that had anchored it down behind.

With heavy rain forecast over the coming days, the Kellys were nowhere in sight and could not be contacted by phone.

A YouTube clip of the eviction recorded by neighbour Sarah Doherty has now been watched by almost 350,000 people all over the world. Commenting on their eviction at the time, Brendan Kelly told the Herald: "They smashed in our door and manhandled us. It was eviction 19th Century-style, it was crude and brutal. No circumstances can justify it."

Mr Kelly said the issue had to be addressed at a political level.

"We cannot get back into our home. My computer is in there and I cannot get it. They have taken our livelihood as well as our home," he said.

After the eviction, it emerged that the Kellys own up to 18 other properties together in Ireland, and it was also reported today that they own 13 apartments in the exclusive Docklands area of London.

Asked why the couple could not move into one of their other properties, Mr Kelly told the Herald last week that they are all let out and the people in them "have rights which I respect".