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Proposal for bike and car sharing in all new apartment complexes


Mannix Flynn

Mannix Flynn

Mannix Flynn

Bike sharing and shared electric cars should become mandatory in all new city centre apartment block developments, a Dublin City councillor has said.

Independent councillor Mannix Flynn is set to put forward a motion at the next council meeting for the proposals to be put in place.

Mr Flynn is asking for Dublin City Council (DCC) to include the idea in the City Development plan for 2016-2022.

He told the Herald that apartment block developments have been built for years without suitable transport planning and he believes a bike and car-sharing scheme for each complex is the solution.


"We need to incorporate this into planning for our apartment complexes," said Mr Flynn.

"The developer will have to set it up themselves, so each one will have their own unique bike-sharing scheme."

He said the initiative would see a percentage of bikes in each block, based on the number of individual apartments.

"It's instead of making individual bike parking spaces for every single bike owner in the place, because that can become a bit difficult," he said.

"It's also instead of having to bring your personal bike up and down lifts and stairs just to go on a short journey."

The initiative, according to Mr Flynn, is not based around the current Dublin Bikes scheme. It is instead focused on short trips by apartment owners that they would otherwise need cars for.

"I don't see any reason why developers can't be brought on board for something like this," he explained.

"It will stop the need for excessive car spaces in apartment blocks because so many of them are never used, but take up so much space."

Mr Flynn said that car sharing schemes should also be incorporated.


"I think electrical vehicles are where the action is for commuting around the city. We should be going down that road, because most journeys within the city are short."

Mr Flynn believes if the initiative is embraced it will soon become the norm around the capital.

"It's an interesting approach to have and we need to make people aware of these possibilities. In 15 years it could be the norm," he said.

The councillor said that the proposal will significantly cut the number of cars in the city and he also believes that it will bring the people in apartment blocks closer together.

He said that currently apartment dwellers are strangers to each other and that by adding the bike sharing scheme it will see blocks become more like communities.

Proposals by Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority in relation to traffic in the city are currently under consideration.

Cars and taxis face being banned from large parts of the city centre under plans to make Dublin more attractive to walkers, cyclists and public transport users.

The plans include a ban on private cars on parts of the north and south quays, closing some city centre car parks and building a new facility at Heuston Station to discourage cars from entering the city centre.

There would also be a ban on cars and taxis from College Green and pedestrianisation of Suffolk Street and St Stephen's Green North.

Business groups, retailers, taxi drivers and car park owners have all expressed concern over the plans, saying that the economy will suffer and jobs will be put at risk.

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