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Property tax scramble as deadline hits

PENALTIES from Revenue are on the way for anyone who fails to meet tonight's property tax deadline.

The compliance rate is 88pc, but a scramble is expected ahead of the midnight cut-off.

A total of €6m was collected in a 48-hour period over Friday and Saturday.

Homeowners have also been settling their household charge arrears, with some 2,000 payments totalling €4m made in the last couple of days alone.

Any property owner who ignores tonight's deadline faces tough penalties, including the prospect of being taken to court.

"Customers have all day to pay," a Revenue spokeswoman told the Herald.

"Interest will kick in immediately when the deadline is passed at midnight and will be followed by tougher penalties."

According to Revenue, the compliance rate last year reached 93pc, while 88pc have settled their 2014 bills.

The surge in late payments has also been seen in relation to the household charge.


"In respect of arrears of the 2012 household charge, we've received 2,000 payments in the last couple of days and have collected €4m in total in arrears of the household charge since we took over its collection," the spokeswoman added.

However, around 400,000 homeowners have yet to settle liabilities relating to the household charge, which was increased to €200 last year.

The bill, initially set at €100, will reach €213 by the end of April after interest is added.

People have been warned that if they fail to pay, they face the prospect of having the sum deducted from their wages or occupational pensions, with interest charged at a rate of 0.0219pc per day. Enforcement action could follow.

The tough penalties will also focus on those who deliberately under-valued their home or falsely claimed an exemption.

More than 2,000 property owners have already admitted to under-declaring the value of their houses since November.

It was reported yesterday that Revenue significantly under-estimated the number of homeowners who would nominate their properties in the lowest valuation band of €100,000 or less. Some 413,000 homeowners chose this band – far more than the 246,000 Revenue predicted.