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‘Properties are going up €50k a month in the areas we want’

My husband John and I want to buy a house in Dublin, and have found that prices have shot up since the beginning of the year.

We are renting in the Dublin 4 area at the moment and have been looking to buy in areas like Clonskeagh, Dundrum, Goatstown and Milltown.

We have provisional mortgage approval for €500,000, but there is a scarcity of property in those areas for that price range, or in the size range that we could have afforded in January.

It was July 2011 when we began renting in Dublin. We have our own home in Cork which is on the market. Prices are going up there by about €5,000 a month, whereas in Dublin, the equivalent three-bedroom semi-D is going up by €50,000 a month in the areas we are looking.

We moved to the city with our six-year-old son Cathal (inset) for work purposes - I’m a management consultant.

We really started looking in earnest in January however, I was keeping my eye on property for the last year and a half.

What I have found is usually by the time I get to look at a property, the price offered is tens of thousands more than the asking price.

What we could afford in January and what we could afford now are very different.

We are moving out kilometres by the week. It will just mean more time commuting in the car.