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Problems mount for Defence Minister

The problems keep on growing for the Government, after Willie O'Dea was the latest minister in hot water.

The Dail will next week debate a motion of no confidence in the Defence Minister.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has put down the motion in response to Minister O'Dea's explanation of the circumstances surrounding his admission about the High Court statement.

Last summer, Minister O'Dea made a sworn statement in connection with a High Court case taken by Sinn Féin local election candidate Maurice Quinlivan.

Mr O'Dea denied making defamtory unpublished comments during an interview, but later said he had forgotten making them and apologised.

Last night the Minister said: "I have not lied under oath, I most certainly have not admitted to lying under oath. I made a mistake."

The Minister added that while the evidence he had given had been mistaken, testimony was regularly corrected in courts without allegations of perjury being levelled.