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Probe into second child snatch attempt


Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai are probing whether there is a link between an alleged attempted child abduction that was reported to them this week and a similar incident that occurred in the same locality days previously.

Both incidents happened in the north Dublin suburb of Ballymun and sources say that officers are probing whether the incidents may have been carried out by the same person.

Earlier this week, the Herald revealed a ten-year-old boy was targeted as he was playing on his scooter at Shangan Avenue in Ballymun at around 4pm on Sunday when a brown coloured saloon car pulled up beside him and tried to lure him in.


And it has now emerged that another child of the same age in the same locality had a similiar experience just three days earlier.

Gardai only became aware of the second case on Tuesday when the boy's mother reported the incident that allegedly happened at nearby Coultry Place, Ballymun, last Thursday afternoon.

According to the account that was given to gardai by the boy's 30-year-old mother, her son was walking on his own close to their family home when a black Nissan car pulled up beside the child and asked him where he was going and whether he was okay.

The child ignored him and continued walking and the car sped away.

The sole occupant of the car was described as speaking in a Dublin accent and wearing a black woolly hat.


In Sunday's incident, a male and a female who were in the front of the car called for the boy to come towards the car at nearby Shangan Avenue.

Sources said that the behaviour of the occupants of the car panicked the boy who called for help.

Two local men who are aged in their 20s came across the disturbing scene and they went over to help the boy and asked the occupants of the car what was happening.

The car then sped off. Investigations are continuing.