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Probe into killing of women in Mexico City

A JUDGE has ordered Mexican authorities to investigate the killings of women in the suburbs of Mexico City.

Judge Jose Alvarado ruled a multi-government agency formed to fight violence against women should reconsider a request by activists to declare a state of alert for central Mexico State, women's rights activist Maria de la Luz Estrada said.

Human rights groups say hundreds of women have been killed or gone missing in recent years in that state.

Ms Estrada said her group has documented more than 1,000 killings of women in the last six years.

The issue recalled the campaign for justice waged by relatives of women killed in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, where dozens of women were tortured, raped and killed.

"Authorities in Mexico State don't investigate and instead blame the victims for their own deaths, or in many cases say they committed suicide, without doing a proper investigation," said Ms Estrada.