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Pro Life Campaign sets up medical fund for baby

A special fund for the baby at the centre of the Abortion controversy was launched by the Pro Life campaign at a candle-lit vigil outside the Dail last night.

About 300 people attended the vigil where Caroline Simons, legal consultant to the CCmpaign said the fund was being set up, not just for the medical needs of the baby delivered at 24 weeks but for any baby in a similar situation in the future.

Cora Sherlock, Deputy Chairperson of Pro-Life criticised Labour TD's "who have been pushing for more abortion all week".

She said they should be ashamed of themselves for the way in which they had "exploited" the tragedy of the rape victim who had sought an abortion.

Another woman who asked not to be identified told the group she had a crisis pregnancy as a single mother and gave thanks that no-one had ever suggested a termination of her pregnancy was the answer.

"It's obscene the way the pro-choice group is clamouring for more abortion as a baby clings to life in a hospital," she added.