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Private school denies RTE claim pupils rip shirts

A prestigious Dublin private school has described as "ludicrous" claims made by 2fm DJs Colm and Jim-Jim that students were ripping each other's shirts

A spokesperson for St Michael's College has denied claims that students were destroying their school uniforms.

The controversy was sparked following comments by the DJs that students of the South Dublin school were tearing each other's shirts.

The claims were made during their early morning show on 2FM last Thursday, during a conversation between Colm Hayes and Jim-Jim Nugent on horseplay in secondary schools.

"It was a boys' school...going to class was like walking the streets of LA," said Jim-Jim about his schooldays.

"And you could never have a pocket on your shirt because they would immediately be ripped off, always ripped off," Colm replied.

"Did that happen in your school?" asked Jim-Jim.

Colm's response was: "No, it's going on at the moment in St.Michael's -- you can't go into school with a pocket, it's just ripped off you immediately."


A spokesperson for St Michael's College on Ailesbury Road, Dublin 4, said that no investigation would be conducted to disprove the statement.

"I've been working here for years and I've never encountered any behaviour like that here," the spokesperson said.

"We won't have to look into it because it just doesn't happen."

St Michael's is one of the top 10 feeder schools in the country.

The school's code of behaviour states that the aim of St Michael's is to create an atmosphere which reflects Christian values.

It states that the school "aims at creating a holistic educational environment that fosters the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical qualities of its students".

It continues: "Hence, within a framework of Christian values, the full support of the school community is required."

Colm and Jim-Jim are renowned for their off-the-cuff chats on their early-morning shifts but they seemed to have put their foot in it this time.

The popularity of the breakfast show has been waning recently. The latest JNLR figures showed that the pair had lost 18,000 listeners. They now have a listenership of 173,000.