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Private operator takes over South Dublin bin service

THE company taking over South Dublin County Council's waste collection service has promised not to increase bin fees.

Dublin firm Greyhound Recycling and Recovery is to collect household rubbish on behalf of the council after a successful bid.

It will provide the service to more than 70,000 homes in the area, which includes Tallaght, Clondalkin and Lucan.

It has also promised to honour all existing waivers that apply to low-income customers.

Managing director Brian Buckley said: "This is a significant step in the ongoing development of the company and it strengthens our position as the largest waste recycling and recovery business in Ireland."


He added: "We intend to provide an improved service for customers in south Co Dublin and to attract new customers by guaranteeing to provide the most competitive prices in the market."

Mr Buckley said the company already provides a waste collection service to over 500,000 customers. Greyhound, which begins operating on April 4, will take on some of the 50 staff currently employed by the council. The remaining employees will be redeployed within the council. In January 2009, Greyhound won the lucrative contract to collect green bins across the capital.

The city and county's four councils decided to move on from the previous service provider Oxigen in favour of Greyhound.

The new contract, for three years, takes in 360,000 households.

Clondalkin-based Greyhound was set up in 1997 by brothers Brian and Michael Buckley.

They are both in their late 30s and have spent €18m on developing their 12-acre site in west Dublin. Brian Buckley was captain of the Trinity College rugby team while he studied for a BESS at the university.

In January last year, Dublin City Council strongly criticised Greyhound for the service provided during the freezing cold weather.

It was referring to the response of the company to clearing the backlog of uncollected rubbish which developed during the extreme weather.