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Prisoners' cash cut in move to save €430k

PRISONERS are to have their daily allowance cut in an effort to save €430,000.

And inmates who misbehave could have their income slashed even more under a new scheme.

The Prison Service is to introduce an incentivised scheme of gratuity payment for prisoners in the country's jails.

It is understood prisoners will see their daily payments reduced by around 28pc, which will save over €430,000 a year.

All inmates are paid a daily allowance, which is pocket money for basic necessities that can be spent in the prison shop. The current rate is €2.35 a day, however this is to be reduced to €1.70.

Prisoners who misbehave will get less, with a basic rate of €0.95 a day.


However, those who co-operate with prison officers, take part in training or education programmes and remain drug-free will go on to an enhanced daily rate of €2.20, while those who work will also get an extra €1 a day.

The Prison Officers' Association believes the system will make it easier for prison officers to manage prisoners. The association has long been advocating a system of rewarding prisoners for good behaviour and has welcomed the announcement.

The Prison Service insists that the system is about rewarding and not punishing prisoners.