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Prisoner says no to freedom

A PRISONER jailed for four years after admitting he ran a pipe bomb factory for the Continuity IRA has refused temporary release from Portlaoise Prison where he claims he is being held illegally.

The High Court heard the release would hinder Joseph Kirwan's liberty as he would have to maintain "a sober habit" and would not be allowed to travel.

Barrister Diarmaid McGuinness SC told the court the State was looking for more time in relation to the alleged unlawful custody in order to file affidavits.

First woman for maths medal

A Stanford University professor became the first woman awarded the Fields Medal, the top international prize in mathematics.

Known as the Nobel Prize of mathematics, it was presented to Iranian-born Maryam Mirzakhani at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul.

Mirzakhani, cited for her work on geometry and dynamical systems, was among four recipients this year.

Fugitive up tree disrupts trains

A suspected burglar perched in a tree overhanging a railway line caused major disruption for commuters.

The fugitive climbed the tree near Charlton station in southeast London and refused to come down throughout the morning rush hour.

British Transport Police sent specialist officers to try to persuade him to come down from the tree near Barney Close, but rail operator Southeastern was forced to close the track.

'Edited' fruits coming soon

Genetically 'edited' fruit and vegetables could soon be appearing on supermarket shelves.

Experts believe GE (genetic editing) may be more appetising to consumers than traditional GM (genetic modification) and cause less controversy.

It involves subtly tweaking existing genes to increase or reduce amounts of natural ingredients a vegetable or fruit already has.

The technique avoids the insertion of foreign genes that has sparked so much heated debate and criticism, especially in Europe.