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Prison visitor on drug charge


A YOUNG man has denied bringing drugs into a Dublin jail while visiting an inmate.

Brendan Donovan (20) is alleged to have brought sleeping tablets and heroin into Wheatfield Prison.

The case against him was adjourned until July 24.

Donovan, of Castlecurragh Park, Mulhuddart, is charged with bringing 25 Zopiclone tablets and heroin into the prison.

Judge Anthony Halpin accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case at District Court level.

Vatican lashes nun's sex book

The Vatican has condemned an American nun's book on sexuality, saying it contradicted Church teaching on masturbation, homosexuality and marriage.

The book, Just Love: A Framework For Christian Sexual Ethics, was written by Sister Margaret Farley, a member of the Sisters of Mercy religious order.

Sister Farley said she never intended the book to reflect official Catholic teaching but to explore sexuality via various religious traditions, theological resources and human experience.

Harry Potter on PlayStation

The magic of Harry Potter is coming to PlayStation 3.

In a partnership with author JK Rowling, Sony has unveiled a new game, Wonderbook: Book of Spells that turns its PlayStation Move motion controller into a magic wand.

The game comes with a book of spells. Gamers wave the wand in prescribed patterns and learn how to cast spells that make fire, unlock gates and move through new stories written by Rowling.

Tourists brave

Mexico trouble

The number of tourists to Mexico increased by 5.3pc from January to April.

The rise comes despite a US travel warning discouraging students from visiting the country, citing an increase in drug violence.

Mexico's Tourism Department says more than half of the 4,098,750 tourists who visited Mexico in the first third of the year were from the US.

The number of Americans was up slightly from last year.