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Prison officer's wrist is broken in street attack by ex-inmate

A PRISON officer had his wrist broken by an ex-inmate in an unprovoked attack outside Mountjoy Prison.

The assault took place in broad daylight on the North Circular Road, at 2pm last Wednesday, when the officer was returning to duty after a lunch break.

But the former prisoner, who attacked the 6ft 3in prison officer, picked the wrong target -- after a second, off-duty officer got involved and detained the man. The attacker initially bad-mouthed the officer, who was returning to work at the Training Unit beside Mountjoy Prison.


The officer known as a "gentle giant" in prison circles ignored the torrent of abuse being hurled at him, walking on towards the main gates.

But the man then jumped on him from behind and a wrestling match ensued on the public footpath.

The officer was injured in the attack but held on to the assailant until an off duty member of the prison service came to his aid.

A source told the Herald: "The officer would be easily identified within the prison system because of his size and was targeted simply because he was a prison officer.

"He was returning after his official lunch break around 2pm on Wednesday when he was attacked. He was able to hold on to the man until an off-duty prison officer saw what was happening and went to his aid. The officers didn't even know each other."

The two prison officers overpowered him using "control and restraint" tactics and then frog-marched the assailant to Mountjoy garda station where the incident was reported.


Later it emerged that the victim of the attack had suffered a broken wrist.

He was treated at the Accident and Emergency unit in the nearby Mater Hospital.

He was in the hospital when his attacker also arrived there for treatment -- after apparently being released on "station" bail from Mountjoy.