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Priory Hall widow Stephanie won’t rule out political future

Priory Hall campaigner Stephanie Meehan has not ruled out a future in politics.

The mother-of-two lost her partner Fiachra Daly to suicide last year as the strain of the deadlocked talks on the fire-trap apartments dragged on.

And while she is throwing her support behind Independent candidate and mortgage debt campaigner David Hall, she has left the option of running in the future wide open.

“Never say never,” she told

Stephanie’s support for Mr Hall is rooted in his own support for the residents of Priory Hall from the early stages of their campaign to find a solution to the death-trap apartments built by former IRA hunger striker Tom McFeely.

“This is my way of thanking David. He has been a friend to Priory Hall since the beginning and has helped so many of us deal with mortgage stress as a result of the whole mess,” Stephanie said.

“We could have rung David any time of the day or night and he would be there for us.

“I’m not saying I feel indebted to him, because he wouldn’t like that, but one good turn deserves another,” she said.

Stephanie said she feels people should vote for “people rather than parties” in Friday’s elections.

“David gave his time selflessly to us, and I know Fiachra would be happy that he is putting himself forward and he would be supportive too,” she said.

“You have to be strong to go into politics, and David won’t rest on his laurels.

“At some stage in the future I would like to help people locally, at community level, so maybe, you never know,” Stepahnie said.

Speaking of having her support, Mr Hall said: “I’m delighted that she has joined me on the trail. Her courage, dignity and spirit is an inspiration to all of us.

“The current government put banks and developers before people - the bells of change are ringing,” he added.