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Priory Hall families lose hotel rooms

Residents of the evacuated Priory Hall complex have suffered further disruption when they were asked to move from their temporary hotel accommodation.

Around 50 families from the apartment complex have moved from the Regency Hotel to take up temporary residence at Bewley's Hotel, off the N32 in Dublin.

They are due to return to the Regency on Monday after an international poker tournament taking place there this weekend ends.

The reaction from residents to being moved was mixed. Many chose to relocate to Bewley's voluntarily.

They said it was closer to schools and buses or other amenities. But one resident, who did not wish to be named, said he was angry with having to move again.

"I got a knock on the door at around 2pm and I was told we had to go. We've already had to move from our homes and now this," he said.

Jacinta Sheeran was also asked to move from the Regency, but said that she "couldn't say a bad word" about her treatment there so far.

"They're very good, they've opened up their arms to us. They're doing our washing, they're feeding us our dinner, they're going to try and put something on for the kids for Halloween," she said.

A statement from Dublin City Council said that 53 families remained in the Regency, 10 had made their own alternative arrangements and the remainder had not contacted the council.

Meanwhile Environment Minister Phil Hogan has announced a number of measures to clean up bad practice in the building industry.

Speaking yesterday at the annual conference of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, he said mandatory certification of building work was being prepared.

He said that other planned measures included more efficient pooling of building control staff among local authorities.