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Print advertising offers strong returns - study


INM chief executive Robert Pitt

INM chief executive Robert Pitt

INM chief executive Robert Pitt

Print advertising is behind one out of every four sales delivered by media in Ireland, according to major research conducted on the media market here.

Every €1 spent in print advertising returns up to €39 for the retail sector.

Print and online publisher Independent News & Media (INM), which publishes the Herald, launched its new Customer Research Strategy at the Marker Hotel in Dublin yesterday at a breakfast attended by 140 executives.

The study, carried out in association with Amarach Research, is the most comprehensive to date on the media industry in Ireland, with over 13,000 face-to-face interviews with newspaper buyers over the past 12 months.

INM also commissioned an econometrics study, in association with Ignite Research, which spanned three years and 20 million data points, to examine the role of print in the overall marketing mix.

The data shows that print plays a pivotal role, delivering a significant return on investment across all key sectors.

At the launch, INM chief executive Robert Pitt said advertising businesses and brand names that need to reach consumers cannot afford not to be seen in print.

"If you're not in print - and if you're not in print with a strategy that goes across digital media as well, and other channels - you're letting your customer down," Mr Pitt said.

Among the key findings from the research are that print acts as an influential conduit driving customers to other channels - 10pc of online landing page visits are delivered by print advertising.

In retail, print advertising is up to 1.5 times more effective than radio, and is twice as effective as TV advertising in delivering a return on investment in the automotive sector.