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Princess Ashlee gets her Christmas wish

A BEAUTIFUL four-year-old girl was granted her Christmas wish early when she became a princess for the day.

Gorgeous Ashlee Byrne, of Blanchardstown in West Dublin is being treated for leukaemia which was diagnosed in March 2010.

And when Santa heard how brave Ashlee is, he expressed his wish to meet her and help her become a Christmas princess.

Ashlee's wish came true yesterday when the Make A Wish Foundation organised for her to meet Santa Claus and to have her own personal shopper in renowned Dublin department store Arnotts.

Her mum Donna said: "It's amazing. It was her wish to be a Christmas princess. We asked her what would be her one wish and this is what she said she wanted to be.

"She was up at 6.30 this morning, asking 'is it time to go?' It's been amazing. She's been in and out of hospital over the last year," her delighted father Ray told the Herald.

"She had been sick and the doctors thought it was infections. She'd collapsed three times and we didn't know what was happening.

"But on Mother's Day, the doctor told us it looks like leukaemia.

"So now, once a month she goes for surgery to have chemotherapy injected and she gets chemotherapy from us every day as well."

Ashlee's mum Donna gives her daughter a daily dose of oral chemotherapy at home, while the little girl also has the treatment in hospital.

Ashlee got a garda escort along Henry Street and she arrived with Santa and RTE presenter Miriam O'Callaghan into Arnotts with a crowd of wellwishers looking on.

Ray added: "When she lost her hair, she'd wake up with hair on her pillow and ask, 'why is my hair like that?'"

Ashlee will continue chemo until August next year, and has a 95pc chance of making a full recovery.