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Priest condemns gangs as innocent Paddy laid to rest

A PRIEST has spoken of how an innocent disabled man was "wiped out" by gunmen who acted as "judge and jury" in his killing.

Speaking at the removal of murdered Paddy Mooney (58), Fr John Gilligan condemned the increasing violence in society.

And he described Mr Mooney as a popular "joker and character" who had been taken from his community in tragic circumstances.


Mr Mooney's coffin was taken from its hearse and carried through rain on the final stretch of a solemn journey down Westland Row to St Andrew's Church, Dublin, last night.

The church was packed with around 500 mourners.

Mr Mooney was at his flat in nearby Pearse House with his friend Brendan Molyneaux on January 20 when three attackers burst in.

Both men were gunned down and died.

Mr Mooney, who had been partially paralysed following a stroke, had no gangland links and was believed to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fr Gilligan told the mourners it was a "very sad day" for Mr Mooney's family, large circle of friends and neighbours, and the inner-city community.

"None of us should be here this evening," he said.

"We should be at home doing what we usually do on a Thursday evening.

"We are here because somebody decided to be judge and jury and has taken Paddy from our midst.

"It is sad to see a life has been taken from us. Here in our community, a man in his own home was wiped out and taken from us in the most tragic of circumstances.

"It's terrible to believe the way life is treated today; that we have come to this state in our society."

The funeral mass took place this morning, and Mr Mooney was laid to rest at Deans Grange Cemetery.

Gary Howard (22), has been charged with the murder of Mr Mooney and Mr Molyneaux.

Two other men and a woman had been questioned and were released without charge.