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Priest calls for to end poverty Man on Haiti sex abuse charges Young sailor's record bid hitch Rooneys being sued for €4.6m

The Government was today challenged to wipe out poverty in a decade.

Leading campaigner Fr Sean Healy said the State should mark the 2010 European Year Against Poverty by adopting zero poverty as its target by 2020.

The Social Justice Ireland chief said last month's Budget had placed the most vulnerable people in a worse-off position by cutting welfare rates.

"Government has claimed it had no choice in making the decisions it made. But this is not true," Fr Healy said.

Fr Healy estimates there are 615,000 people at risk of poverty in Ireland, including almost 200,000 children, while 116,000 are unemployed and classed as the working poor.

Man on Haiti sex abuse charges

A US man is expected to plead not guilty to new charges that he sexually abused boys at a school he founded in Haiti.

Douglas Perlitz of Colorado is scheduled to appear tomorrow in US federal court in New Haven.

Perlitz was charged last year with sexually abusing nine boys. Prosecutors doubled the number of alleged victims to 18 with a new indictment.

Young sailor's record bid hitch

The 16-year-old Southern California girl attempting to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone says she is stopping in Mexico with power problems.

On her blog, Abby Sunderland wrote that she is headed for Cabo San Lucas to add a "new battery or two" because solar panels and wind generators aren't keeping up with her energy needs.

Sunderland says she will restart the sail in her 12-metre craft, Wild Eyes, soon.

Rooneys being sued for €4.6m

England striker Wayne Rooney and his wife will begin defending themselves against a £4m (€4.6m) legal claim today.

The couple are being sued by management company the James Grant Group (JGG) for loss of earnings.

The Manchester United star split from JGG in 2008 when his agent, Paul Stretford, left the company.

Mr Stretford set up a new company and took his two star clients with him.