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Pride comes before a nasty fall for Minister 'Calamity James' Reilly

The Minister is not much good at balancing the books in the Department of Health and has had his difficulties keeping equilibrium in his personal finances.

And now Dr James Reilly proves he's no dab hand at balancing himself either.

The gaffe-prone Health Minister tripped himself up again at a playground in a Northern Ireland hospital.

His Northern counterpart Edwin Poots managed to skip across a ground-level rope bridge in the playground at the Children's Centre of the South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

But Dr Reilly managed to slip, stumble, stagger, wobble and eventually fall over.

Picking himself up from various setbacks has become a hallmark of the Health Minister as he has survived being listed in Stubbs Gazette, the resignation of a junior minister, several U-turns and the scrutiny of the EU-IMF bailout team of his department's finances.

Nicknamed "Calamity James", the minister was certainly living up to his reputation with this episode.