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Pressure to have a 'celeb body' behind women's food guilt

One-in-five Irish women are not confident about their body and their appearance.

Tummies are the body hang-up for a massive 65pc of Irish women. A new survey has found that the vast majority (83pc) of ladies say that their confidence is linked to their body weight.

And 20pc attribute their body weight issues to the pressure to have a 'celebrity body'.

This pressure is felt most intensely by Dublin women and those living in Leinster.

Due to these pressures, over half (52pc) of Irish women constantly worry about their eating habits, which causes them ongoing anxiety.

This is most prevalent amongst younger age groups, with almost two thirds of women aged between 18 and 35 stressing about what they can and cannot eat.

The survey found that six out of ten women admit this stress means that they don't have a balanced attitude towards food.

Over half (54pc) describe their relationship with food as a 'love-hate' one, and this is particularly marked for women in the 25 to 35 age group.


The survey of 506 women found that while the majority (97pc) love food, over half (57pc) say that guilt or shame deprives them of this enjoyment.

Some 37pc of working women worry about the "shame" of their employer and colleagues judging them on their weight.

However, over two-thirds (69pc) of Irish women would like a better relationship with food and want to be able to enjoy healthy and tasty meals in a guilt-free way.

The research came from Jacob's Crispbreads as part of their "real me moments" campaign.

Ambassador for Jacob's Crispbreads, Kathryn Thomas said that: "Irish women are facing increasing pressure to match up to the unrealistic body perfection they see in magazines and on social media.

"So it's more important than ever to encourage a more balanced approach to health and beauty," the television presenter added.

More than a third of working women said lunchtime was the highlight of their working day.