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Pregnancy tests recalled over false results fear

A PREGNANCY testing kit used by hospitals has been recalled because of the danger of false positive results.

The Clinitest hCG test kit, made by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, has been recalled by the company because of the "potential for borderline or false positive results".

The kit is only used by professionals in hospitals and clinics and is not sold for home use.

It reads results instantly and gives a printout of the findings.

It is employed to test for pregnancy but also to rule out pregnancy before treatments or procedures in hospital that should not be used on pregnant women.

The recall notice has been issued by the Irish Medicines Board and relates to 15 different lots of the kit.

Patients who have recently had a pregnancy test carried out by a healthcare professional and who are concerned that the positive result may be incorrect, are asked to contact their family doctor, family planning clinic or pharmacist for a retest.

Siemens says the sensitivity of part of the test has decreased which "has the potential to generate false negative" results.

The company has told the IMB that it has advised all public and private hospitals and clinics that have received the affected product of the recall.