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Precious memories of slain pals

MURDERED POLISH man Pawel Kalite cuddles his girlfriend Marcelina in a heartbreaking photo taken shortly before he was murdered.

The treasured snap forms part of the family albums of Pawel and his tragic pal Mariusz Szwajkos, which show the two victims of double murderer David Curran as they grew up in their native Poland.

And while Curran today wakes up in prison on the first morning of his life sentence, the life sentence of loss and grief for the families of Mariusz Szwajkos and Pawel Kalite will last a lot longer.

Opening their family albums to the Herald, the sisters of both men have shown a glimpse of the uncomplicated lives their brothers grew up in, a far cry from the drink and drug-fuelled savagery in which they were brutally stabbed in the head with a screwdriver.


"There is not much to say. It won't help us in any way because we cannot have Mariusz back," said Gosia Szwajkos, speaking after Curran was sentenced.

"I only hope it will give a message to all other people, to young people, and parents, and will help people to understand that life is the most important value as well as the love that we have for our families and friends," Gosia pleaded. Unable to travel to Dublin for the trial, she was kept informed of ongoing events by gardai, as well as Pawel's sister Agnieszka, who was in court to see Curran sent down.

"What does a life sentence mean if he could be out in 15 years?" she asked.