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Praise for gardai who recovered Marty's car

RTE star Marty Whelan has told how he has fine detective work to thank for getting his Mercedes back within days of it being stolen.

His home was broken into by burglars who stole his car keys and drove off in his car.

Marty said: "It was an awful feeling to come out and find it gone. It was not good."

But the car was found some streets away and it was returned to him within a matter of days last October, according to the well-known star who presents Winning Streak on RTE with Kathryn Thomas.

"The gardai were great," Marty told the Herald. "Obviously they checked it. It was fine. It was great and it was so thrilling to get it back," he said.

Meanwhile, Marty said he has been getting "great feedback" about his RTE Lyric fm radio midday show, running weekdays from 12 to 2pm every day, which he has been doing since last September.

The show has gone down a hit with listeners with a mix of popular classics and plenty of classical crossover too.

Marty is a household name, hosting RTE's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest every May.