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Poznan five ready to go

FIVE friends are all set for a gruelling four-day journey to cheer Trapattoni and the boys on in Poland and earn funds for charity along the way.

Kieran Dowling (21) from Slieverue, Kilkenny; Killian Ryan (22) from Calverstown, Kildare; Kyle Fitzpatrick (21) from Rosslare, Wexford; Shea Geoghegan (23) and Cormac O'Connor (23) from Valleymount, Wicklow embark from Rosslare on Monday for the journey of a lifetime.

The 'Poznan Five' will visit some of Europe's most beautiful cities before arriving in time for Ireland's opening group game against Croatia on Sunday June 10.

"We're leaving from Rosslare bound for Cherbourg," Killian Ryan told the Herald.

"The ferry trip is 18 hours and once we arrive on Tuesday we're heading for Bruges.

"We saw the movie with Colin Farrell and decided we'd go there and see what all the fuss was about.

"The next morning we're going to head for Cologne or Hannover, and the day before we arrive in Poznan we're going to stay in Berlin because there's not much of a drive to Poland from there."

They decided that they would raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society given the huge problem with the disease in the country and the amazing work of the charity.

"We've set up a Facebook page entitled 'The Lads' Trip To Poznan' and there is a link from there to our page on mycharity.ie and people can donate money from there.

"We're quickly filling our donation cards and we're very appreciative of everyone who has donated so far.

"We got our flag printed up today for free and Paddy Power gave us a full tank of fuel as well."

To raise extra funds they organised a raffle for two tickets to Ireland's opening Group C encounter with Croatia.

The five have also being appearing on local media platforms to raise awareness for their campaign.

Contributions should be made to www.mycharity.ie/ event/the_lads_trip_to_poznan where they have already raised nearly €1,000 through online donations alone.