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POW Michaelre-enlisted to fight in war

Michael Murphy, was one of the group of Royal Irish Fusiliers sent to the POW camp in Limburg.

Patricia Young, his grand-daughter, describes how Michael joined the British Army long before the war began and was actually out of the army when war was declared.

Married and living in Bishop Street in Dublin city centre, he immediately re-enlisted.

His family know that he saw some fighting but he spent most of the war in Limburg Prisoner of War camp.

This was the camp where Roger Casement tried to recruit an Irish Brigade but misjudged the men's loyalty to their fellow soldiers and only managed to recruit 56 from the 2,500 Irish soldiers in the congested camp.


When Michael returned home after the war he got a job in the Irish Independent where he remained until his retirement.

He moved to Drimnagh and the home is still in the Murphy family.

Michael's son Gerald is still alive and will be 92 next October.