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Potholes are our top gripe in the capital

POTHOLES, broken paths, and road problems on Dublin's southside are still the biggest cause of complaints sent to a new website.

Anger over dog-fouling, reports on graffiti, litter, and leaking pipes are also flooding into the fixyourstreet.ie website, being run by South Dublin County Council.

The problem-reporting website will go nationwide within three months and already problems from other parts of Dublin and beyond are being reported to the council's website.

County manager Joe Horan told the Herald complaints from other areas had been passed on to those councils.


A typical dog-fouling complaint at New Row South, Dublin 8, declares: "Every single morning there is fresh dog waste on the paths. It is disgusting, unsanitary and unsafe."

Another report: "The street light outside number 34, Woodlawn Park Grove, Firhouse, on the lane way is broken due to youths shaking it from side to side last night..."

A member of the public complained: "While Geoffrey Keating Road is traditionally free of road marking, the recent dawbing can only be described as an incredibly detailed and brightly coloured, psychedlic hopscotch pattern. It has made parking and egress become something of a 'bad trip', one from which I am afraid I shall never return."

More than 440 reports were sent in the first two and a half days of the service. The council are being made immediately aware of problems as they occur and it was making the whole process much more efficient, said Mr Horan.

"People can also send in pictures and we can see the extent of the problem immediately. It's helping us almost to 'see around corners'. Within two weeks we'll have an app for smartphones which will make it even better."

The new technology will speed response times as councils inspectors do not necessarily have to travel to an area to see a problem for themselves before action is decided, he said.

Complaints can be sent to the website at reports@ fixyourstreet.ie.