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Pothole claim still not settled one year later


Caspar Pabst's car was written off by potholes.

Caspar Pabst's car was written off by potholes.

Caspar Pabst's car was written off by potholes.

A MAN who claims that his car was destroyed beyond use by potholes has said he is still waiting for Meath County Council to settle a claim he made against it more than a year later.

Caspar Pabst said his Citroen suffered damage that would cost €3,000 to fix while he was driving on the Dublin to Ashbourne Road in August 2013.

Mr Pabst, who lives in Ashbourne, said a compressor sensor and the hydraulic suspension of the Citroen C5 estate were wrecked by the potholes.

In a letter to Fingal County County Council he said the road was "fatal for my car".

"I contacted the Department of Transport in August 2013 because I did not know who to write to, but they advised me to contact Meath County Council," Caspar told the Herald.

"Then the Navan office told me to write to Kells, and they told me to write to Dunsaughlin. Then I was told the road was in the Fingal area, and then Fingal County Council said it was in Meath, so I wrote to the Department of Transport again," he added.

In October this year an official at the Department of Transport wrote to Fingal County Council seeking to find out "as soon as possible which Authority has responsibility for this section of road", which turned out to be Meath County Council.

"I just want the damage paid for. I kept the car for three months but nobody came to inspect it," Caspar explained.

"I just get the feeling that people are thinking that I will get frustrated and go away, but the car was a company car and my company need to be paid for the damage - it is not going into my pocket," he stressed.

A spokeswoman for Meath County Council said it had "dealt with Mr Pabst's claim", but Caspar has insisted that no compensation for the damage has yet been paid.

After several communications Mr Pabst's claim was finally settled, to an undisclosed agreed amount that he found satisfactory, in September 2015.