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Port Tunnel blaze sparks traffic row


Traffic chaos at the Port Tunnel

Traffic chaos at the Port Tunnel

Traffic chaos at the Port Tunnel

There has been confusion over traffic disruptions caused by a fire in the Port Tunnel that is expected to cost the economy "multiple millions of euro".

Officials have pointed the finger of blame at one another over the incident.

Dublin's Port Tunnel was closed for several hours after a truck burst into flames shortly after 7am yesterday.

Up to 10 units from Dublin Fire Brigade responded to the scene and rescued the truck driver from the inferno.

The tunnel did not fully re-open until 12.02pm, during which time kilometre-long tailbacks had developed across the city.


The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has stated that both Dublin City Council (DCC) and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are responsible for the capital's traffic management and the Port Tunnel respectively.

However, the TII and DCC have pointed the finger of blame at one another, with both organisations saying that the other must answer queries regarding the traffic chaos.

A spokesperson for the Dublin Chamber of Commerce has estimated that yesterday's traffic delays cost the Irish economy "multiple millions", and called for better infrastructure to be put in place.

"This situation shows how fragile Dublin's infrastructure is, that if one thing stops working the entire city basically shuts down.

"Multiple millions would have been lost due to these congestions, from company's losing out on man hours due to their staff being delayed, to deliveries not being completed on time," the spokesperson said. "We need to spend triple the amount we are currently spending on infrastructure and improve our public transport.

"This has to be addressed in the next budget," the spokesperson added.