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Pope's Vatican bank probe

THE pope has set up an inquiry to look into the activities of the troubled Vatican bank amid a new money-laundering probe.

Pope Francis has intervened to get to the bottom of the problems that have plagued the Institute for Religious Works for decades.

He has named a commission to investigate the bank's legal structure and activities "to allow for a better harmonisation with the universal mission of the Apostolic See."


A COUPLE are letting customers at a Starbucks coffee shop choose the name of their baby.

Jennifer James (25) and Mark Dixon (24) of West Haven, US, say they have been struggling between two names for the boy they are expecting in September.

So they've placed signs at their local Starbucks asking people to vote for either the name Jackson or Logan.


A RARE copy of TS Eliot's The Waste Land has sold for £4,500 (€5,300) at auction.

The book, dating from 1923, was one of a number of finds donated to Oxfam and sold in their annual Bonhams book auction. The book was donated in Oxford, England.

It was published by Hogarth Press, founded by Leonard and Virginia Woolf. The type was hand-set by Virginia.