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Pope's prayers for children

Pope Francis is calling for defence of children to protect them from abuse.

He made no mention of the Church scandals in which clergy abused children and hierarchy covered up for them.

At a Mass in St Peter's Square, the Pope said abuse victims are in his prayers. He stressed that all must work with courage so that children, who are among the most vulnerable people, be always defended and protected.

Skin cells used to repair bones

Diseased and broken bones can be repaired using grafts made from a patient's own skin cells, scientists have shown.

Scientists in the US reprogrammed skin to become stem cells that were coaxed to form early stage bone precursors.

The immature bone cells were then 'seeded' on to a three-dimensional scaffold and stimulated to grow with nutrients. Over 12 weeks, grafts placed under the skin of mice matured into fully formed bone tissue with the beginnings of a blood supply.

Manhunt as girl (12) is raped

Police have launched a hunt for a man who raped a 12-year-old girl at a play park.

Thames Valley Police said the schoolgirl was walking alone when the man pulled her into a woodland area, attacked her, and then fled.

The incident was reported to police on Saturday and a scene watch is currently in place to allow a forensic examination, a force spokeswoman said. The girl was attacked around March 23 at the play area in Harrowden, Bradville, in Milton Keynes.