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Pop-up shop's cool creation - ice cream that's good for you

Health food gurus rejoice. Now there's a healthy alternative to the traditional 99 cone.

A Dublin husband and wife team, Rachel and Brian Nolan, have created a dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and sugar-free treat and it's on sale at their pop-up shop in the city centre.

Nobo ice cream, located inside Green Beards Juicery on Baggot Street, opened its doors to the public on Tuesday morning, to what Rachel called a "phenomenal response".

Word about the pop-up shop is spreading fast due to fascinated customers sharing pictures of the unusual looking ice cream across social media.

The pale greenish colour may not be traditional but the nutritional benefits are sure to attract health-conscious ice cream lovers.


According to calories counting website MyFitnessPal, a typical Nobo ice cream contains 211 calories and a Cadburys Flake ice cream cone contains 238.

But can an organic 99 really compare to a traditional soft and creamy 99 on a hot day? The answer is yes.

The only ingredients in a Nobo 99 are avocado, coconut milk, honey and vanilla, and although a dairy-free ice cream isn't really 'iced cream' it certainly does the job.

"Its still creamy like a normal 99, it's made from coconut milk and avocado and the creaminess from those ingredients replaces the dairy in a normal 99," Rachel said.

Pricewise, a traditional 99 comes out on top, costing roughly €2 to €3. A cone at Nobo will set you back €3.50 and a cup €4.50.