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Poor standards and high costs made it hard to find a place

SARAH Ryan (30) says that finding a property to rent is very difficult because they are either too expensive or not up to standard.

The management consultant who lives in Ballinteer said initially she began looking for a one-bedroom apartment to rent, "but for anywhere decent, it was way too expensive".

She then started looking for a two-bedroom house or apartment with a friend, but "if the price was right, they were pretty bleak. We were willing to pay about €1,100, which was €550 each".


"We saw places that had clearly been flooded, places that had a cold, damp feel, and places that had no natural light. Some weren't even clean. I didn't confine looking to one area, I looked all over south County Dublin," she said.

"If you found somewhere that was in any way decent, it wasn't furnished, and I wasn't going to go out and spend €4,000 on furniture. If you have to buy every single item of furniture, it is going to cost a lot of money."

In the end, she said that they decided to increase the money they were willing to pay to try and and get somewhere.

"We had to up our money, and what we were willing to pay by €150 each," Sarah said.

"I went to viewings of places that I didn't like and then rang the realtor the next day and it would already be gone. I went to view a place at one point and 100 people showed up for the viewing."

Sarah said that a couple of times a viewing would be scheduled for 6 to 7pm and when she arrived at 6.15pm she was told that so many had showed up at 6pm that it was already gone.

She said that eventually she did find somewhere to live after six months of searching, and in the end it was through a friend that she found a suitable place.

"I got it by sheer co-incidence through a friend. She was moving out and the landlord was happy enough to keep the rent at the same price because he didn't have to advertise it and put it back out, so it was just luck. We are paying €1,250 for a two-bedroom apartment, and all the bills.

"We moved in the day they moved out," she added.

Sarah added that she has friends who have also spent months looking for somewhere to rent.