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'Pool of blood' on city street after man's face is slashed with blade


A CCTV still of the attack

A CCTV still of the attack

A CCTV still of the attack

A man is in hospital after his face was slashed during a terrifying knife attack in broad daylight in the capital.

The victim, a man in his early 20s, was set upon by an attacker in Tallaght yesterday afternoon.

The incident took place shortly before 1pm around the Abberley Square area, which is along the Belgard Road.

The assailant cut the victim from above his ear and down across his cheek.


A witness told the Herald the object used during the attack was "small and sharp" and the victim's face began gushing blood immediately.

He said that blood were left streaming along the pathway outside an area where dozens of people were taking their lunch break.

"There was a pool of blood and the cut opened up a lot in the middle and then widened," the witness said. "It looked like there was something small and sharp used."

The man was rushed to Tallaght Hospital, with his injuries not understood to be life-threatening.

He was then transferred to St James's Hospital, where he is understood to be still receiving treatment to the wound.

Gardai have yet to arrest the attacker but are understood to be examining CCTV footage.

The culprit fled the scene minutes after the attack and was picked up by an accomplice in a black car, according to witnesses.

Another witness said shop owners in the vicinity have become more concerned after a spate of incidents in recent months.


He said the attacker, wearing a grey tracksuit, ran up and stabbed the other man, in what he believes was an unprovoked attack.

"It look like a pre-meditated attack, because there doesn't seem to be any provocation from the victim," the witness said.

"The guy came and seemed to have the intent of double checking if the person was the person he was looking for, and then he attacked him.

"He (the victim) dropped something, what it was I didn't see, and when he got back up (he was attacked). The guy seemed to have a really sharp knife or razor, because there was extremely fast movement and a lot of cut and a lot of blood."

The victim slowly fell to the ground after the incident, with blood streaming from his face, before getting back up momentarily and then falling to the ground again.

Another woman was seen phoning gardai after the attack.

"There were a hell of a lot of witnesses there, it was lunchtime, there were probably 12 witnesses sitting down, watching a crime drama unfurl while they were having their sandwiches," the witness said.

"The mood around here is quite pessimistic.

"People around here are all looking out for each other, which is great, everyone around is keeping an eye out for each other - it makes us feel safer," the witness added.

A spokesman for the gardai said that they are investigating the incident.