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Polish killer held after hiding here for five years

A MURDERER on Poland's most wanted criminal list was arrested in Ireland this week, after hiding in the Republic for more than five years.

Convicted killer Andrzej Kuczynski was serving a 25-year prison sentence in his home country of Poland when he escapes to Ireland. He assumed a false identity and settled in Urlingford, Co Kilkenny where he was arrested on Monday night.

Yesterday, Kuczynski (50) appeared before an extradition court and was remanded in custody in Cloverhill prison.

It is expected that he will be extradited to Warsaw later his month to complete his prison sentence. Kuczynski was found guilty of beating Beata Sawick to death with an iron bar after robbing her of $90,000 (557,000) in 1994.

He was convicted in 2001 but managed to flee here after being let out on temporary release at Christmas 2006.

"He came here using a fake document and adopted an assumed name," a source reportedly said. "No one had a clue who he was or what he had done. They had no idea he was a very dangerous individual who murdered a woman in an act of extreme violence.

"He had it all here, a medical card, PPS number, full-time job, bank account and two cards.

"He got the fright of his life when gardai arrived for him.

"He was working the night shift at the time. He kept denying he was himself -- even though his face matched the wanted photo exactly and his fingerprints came back positive."

Kuczynski may have denied being a wanted man when arrested at first, but it is understood that tattoos on his wrists also gave away his identity.