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Polish chiefs take action as hotels raise Euro finals prices

OFFICIALS in Poland insist that they have tried to act against hoteliers and other businesses who are jacking up prices to hit Ireland fans travelling to the Euro 2012 finals.

The Herald previously reported on a hotel in Poznan, host city for two of Ireland's games at the finals in June, which had raised their prices by an astonishing 3,000pc for a stay around the time of the Ireland-Croatia game on June 10.

One hotel in Gdansk -- the venue for the Ireland-Spain match on June 14 -- can be booked in mid-May for €70 a night per room, but that shoots up to €1,193 per night if you want to stay on the night of the Spanish clash.

The locals are aware of the rip-offs and have tried to act.

"We held meetings with the hotel sector about it," said Bartosz Pioprusiewicz, deputy mayor of Sopot, the city close to Gdansk where Ireland's squad will stay in Poland in June.

"There is a saying in Spanish: bread today, hunger tomorrow. We all need to eat from the same pot.

"But we have seen some movement on this and the hotel sector have dropped their prices."

The Baltic coast is where Ireland's players will spend most of their time in Poland next June -- the Irish squad will stay in a hotel in Sopot, will train in nearby Gdynia and will play one of the three group games in Gdansk.


The Trojmiasto, which means "three cities", is a tourist resort popular with Poles, who flock here for the sun and beaches in big numbers in the summertime, with two million visitors every year.

Ireland fans are spreading themselves out across Poland, with many choosing to stay outside of the host cities of Poznan and Gdansk to combat the profiteering of hotels and restaurants.