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Police probe sighting of missing boy

POLICE are investigating a "potential sighting" of a child matching the description of missing three-year-old Mikaeel Kular as hundreds of volunteers continue to search for the youngster.

Members of the public reported seeing a boy who was "small in build and alone" in West Pilton Gardens, Edinburgh, at around 8.30am on Thursday morning.

Mikaeel disappeared from his home in the Scottish capital after being put to bed on Wednesday night.

Police in Scotland have appealed for information and said the young boy who was spotted was wearing a cap.


However, Superintendent Liz McAinsh said Mikaeel does not usually like wearing something on his head.

The timing of the sighting has been confirmed by CCTV, but the footage could not confirm the identity of the child, she explained.

She said: "Members of the public have come forward to report seeing a boy walking in the vicinity of West Pilton Gardens at 8.30am yesterday.

"The witnesses were in a vehicle driving down West Pilton Gardens at the time they saw the boy.

"They described seeing a small boy on the right-hand side pavement running towards the junction with West Pilton Park.

"They noticed him, because he was small in build and alone at the time. They said he matched the description given of Mikaeel, although they also reported the child they saw was wearing a cap or hat.

"He doesn't like wearing a hat or a cap, is my understanding, and to our knowledge he didn't have one.

"There's not one missing from the house."

She added: "We would ask that anyone who also saw this child contact us as a matter of urgency."

Hundreds of people have joined in the search for the missing youngster as police said they are becoming increasingly concerned.

Volunteers standing shoulder to shoulder have been scouring the foreshore at Cramond in the search.