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Police digging for bodies at kidnap house of horrors


Ariel Castro. Photo: Reuters

Ariel Castro. Photo: Reuters

Ariel Castro. Photo: Reuters

SHE is the miracle girl born in captivity to kidnap victim Amanda Berry.

The six-year-old was the only child found in the house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio where three women were liberated after 10 nightmare years.

Police have confirmed that the little girl, who has not been named, is Amanda's daughter.

But they are today investigating the possibility that the remains of other babies born to the women in captivity may be buried in the back yard.



Officers are trawling through the Cleveland property for clues and are expected to carry out a dig after discovering 'disturbed' dirt.

Investigators believe the women were forced to have sex with their captors – resulting in up to five pregnancies and several miscarriages.

Missing women Amanda Berry (26), Gina DeJesus (23), and Michelle Knight (32), were found on Monday after Amanda escaped and called 911.

Three brothers are expected to appear in court charged in connection with the women's kidnap ordeal. Ariel Castro (52), the owner of the house, and his brothers Pedro (54) and Onil (50) have been kept in police custody.

Shocking details relating to the women's' living conditions have emerged. Police suspect that the victims were kept in separate rooms which were laid out with tape and chains.

An 8ft fence was erected around the back of the property so that neighbours could not see in.

It's also feared that the women went days without eating – with the FBI stating that they looked a lot thinner than their photos.

Meanwhile, it's emerged that residents saw suspect Ariel Castro out walking with the six-year-old.

Another report said that the child was seen looking out of an attic window in the house.

One neighbour, Israel Lugo (39), claimed to have seen Ariel Castro with the child in the park last Sunday. "Ariel was acting all happy families, like it was his own daughter. They played with my son's girl and he bought her a pastry at the bakery," Mr Lugo said.