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Police called to body in suitcase woman's home 86 times in last ten years

Police were called a total of 86 times to the Chicago home of a woman whose body was found in a suitcase in Bali.

Records don't indicate any arrests, but a spokesman said police responded to domestic calls at Sheila von Wiese-Mack's house in the upscale suburb 86 times between 2004 and June of 2013.

He said many times police took missing-persons reports.

But what happened at the house may help explain the relationship between von Wiese-Mack and her 19-year-old daughter, Heather Mack, before the discovery of the mother's body in a taxi outside a Bali resort.

Police in Indonesia have arrested Mack and her boyfriend over the mother's death.


The body of a 62-year-old American woman was found stuffed inside a suitcase on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.

The suitcase containing Sheila von Wiese-Mack's body was found inside the trunk of a taxi parked in front of the St. Regis Bali Resort.

Von Wiese-Mack's 19-year-old daughter, Heather Mack, and her 21-year-old boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, were arrested on Wednesday morning at a hotel in Bali's Kuta area, about 10 kilometers away.

Both were being questioned but were refusing to talk until being joined by attorneys.

The US Embassy in Jakarta confirmed that von Wiese-Mack's body had been found, but did not give details.

Police have claimed that Mack and Schaefer had hired the taxi and then placed the suitcase inside the car's trunk. The two then told the taxi driver that they were going to check out of the hotel and would return.

However, after two hours, Mack and Schaefer had not reappeared and hotel security guards found blood spots on the suitcase, and suggested the taxi drive to the police station. Officers at the station opened the suitcase and discovered the body.

Von Wiese-Mack, from Chicago, and her daughter arrived at the St. Regis last Saturday, while Schaefer checked in on Monday.

CCTV footage shows that the victim had an argument with Schaefer on Monday in the hotel's lobby.

Von Wiese-Mack's body was being autopsied at a hospital in Denpasar.

She was the widow of highly regarded jazz and classical composer James L. Mack of Oak Park, Illinois, who died in 2006 at age 76.

In 2012, von Wiese-Mack joined a century-old Chicago book club called the Caxton Club.

She had varied interests including Asian literature and Wagnerian opera, according to a May 2013 profile of her in the club's publication Caxtonian.

"With a teenager, she tries to be home most evenings," the article said.