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Poignant tribute to late minister as €50m pyrite repairs get green light


Tribute: Shane McEntee

Tribute: Shane McEntee

Tribute: Shane McEntee

THE owners of pyrite-damaged homes have paid tribute to the late Shane McEntee after a €50m repair scheme was given the green light.

Fine Gael junior minister Mr McEntree had campaigned tirelessly for the need to find a solution for families suffering from cracked walls, floors and ceilings due to pyrite in their homes.

The Cabinet yesterday approved a bill providing for a €50m taxpayer-funded scheme to pay for repairs to 1,000 affected properties.



Pyrite Action Group spokesman Peter Lewis said it was particularly poignant that the scheme had been given the go-ahead just ahead of the first anniversary of the death of Mr McEntee, who took his own life last year.

The scheme was also welcomed by Mr McEntee's daughter, Helen, who won his seat in the Meath East by-election.

She called for cross-party support to ensure that the Pyrite Resolution Bill to set up the scheme is passed before the Dail's Christmas break.

The cost of paying for repairs will be funded by the taxpayer, after a previous plan to impose a levy on insurance and quarry firms was abandoned.


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