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Poignant day for Gerry's family.. two years later

THE family of late RTE broadcaster Gerry Ryan will mark the second anniversary of his death today.

Widow Morah and the couple's five children will have an intimate gathering at the family's home in Clontarf.

The 53-year-old DJ died from heart failure related to cocaine use two years ago today. He was found by girlfriend Melanie Verwoerd on the bedroom floor of his Dublin apartment.

A source close to Gerry's family said that today's memorial would be low-key.

"There will be no Mass or anything like that, they just want to be together during this painful time."

"It will be marked privately by all of the family at home and in their own way," a source added. "There is no Mass scheduled or no photographs or anything like that -- Morah and the children just want to take time to remember Gerry.


"They're still devastated two years on. It's hard to believe it has been that long already."

A heart-wrenching note was left on the broadcaster's grave in Dardistown cemetery this weekend, along with fresh flowers.

"To Chief, All our love forever. Your 'B, Lottie, Rex, Bonnie, Elliott & Babs," the note read.

Gerry Ryan's eldest daughter, Lottie (26) said on Friday that her siblings Rex (22), Bonnie (18), Elliott (15), Babette (11) and mum Morah had decided to avoid any mention of Gerry's death outside the family after the tragedy happened.

"We lived in a wonderful bubble of ignorance," she revealed on the Late Late Show.

"What really worked for us was the unbelievable outpouring of support from his fans and the listeners from the show. The books of condolences, the letters, all that stuff that we got, I just can't describe what an unbelievable comfort it was to have all those letters."

And Lottie spoke of the inquest which ruled that her father had died by misadventure.

"My dad passed away, nothing else matters. It's really just that simple. Everything becomes black and white. Nothing else matters."

She said it was still "very upsetting" to think her dad died alone. It's not a particularly nice memory to go back on. It's quite painful to think about."