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Podge and Rodge want Dermot to drop in - minus his sledgehammer


Podge, Rodge and Doireann Garrihy

Podge, Rodge and Doireann Garrihy

Podge, Rodge and Doireann Garrihy

Ballydung Manor is well and truly back in business, with Podge and Rodge hoping Dermot Bannon will drop by for a grilling at the kitchen table.

The gruesome twosome told the Herald that they would love to welcome the star of RTE's Room To Improve.

But the O'Leprosy brothers were not so sure about letting architect Dermot renovate their home and did not think much of his signature open-plan designs.

Podge said he feared that if Dermot took a sledgehammer to the wall between their kitchen and sitting room, the stench of Rodge's cooking would be too much for him to bear.

"We wanted to get that fella that pretends he's an architect - Dermot Bannon. We'd love to have him on," said Podge.

"You know the way he makes houses with glass and you know what else he does, he knocks through walls - the kitchen into the sitting room? When Rodge cooks it smells of s***e so if Dermot Bannon came in here he'd knock the wall.


Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

Dermot Bannon

"I'd have to be sitting on the sofa watching the telly and smelling the s***e so we'd have to talk to him about that."

The twins, who have returned to screens after an eight-year hiatus, said they had come back to an Ireland very different from the one they left.

The popularity of Conor McGregor and MMA is one subject that they are struggling to wrap their heads around.

Working alongside Doireann Garrihy - a "social influencer" or, as they call her, a "social influenza" - is also taking a bit of getting used to.


Presenter Doireann stepped in to replace Lucy Kennedy when the show returned last month.

"It's a weird Ireland we are in now. People are on their phones all the time walking into lamp-posts," said Podge.

"It is a different world now - we downloaded Doireann, she's straight off the internet, she is not actually real," added Rodge.

Doireann herself has got used to the razor-sharp humour of the Manor within a few short weeks - and said so far she has been happy with the feedback she has received online.

"It was daunting the first few weeks because I wanted to do a good job," she said.

"On Twitter and stuff [the feedback has] all been positive so that's great. Getting a new wave of people is really cool too."

The foul-mouthed duo will be chatting to former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle, along with former Dancing With The Stars contestant Hughie Maughan, on RTE Two tonight at 10.30pm.