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PO raid took just 18 seconds

An armed man has robbed a post office in 18 seconds.

The masked man went into the branch in St Johnston, Co Donegal, with a handgun at around 9.15am yesterday and made off with a small amount of cash.

He fled in a blue car being driven by another man.

A garda spokesman said the man was in and out of the branch in 18 seconds.

No shots were fired and nobody was hurt.

Investigating officers were examining CCTV.

Arnie's making film comeback

Former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to acting with a starring role in the Lionsgate film Last Stand.

Schwarzenegger will play a sheriff who unwittingly finds himself battling a notorious drug kingpin on the run.

The role represents Schwarzenegger's first major movie role since 2003's Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. He said in May he was putting projects on hold after disclosing that he fathered a child with a family housekeeper and was splitting with wife Maria Shriver.

Daughters and mum shot dead

A 29-year-old mother and her three daughters -- the youngest six months old -- have been found shot dead in their home in a New Orleans suburb.

The bodies of Nadia Braxton and her children, Kayla Peters (12), Nayax Peters (10) and Nyla Peters (six months), were found lying on a bed.

"It looks as though the case is a murder-suicide," said a police spokesman.

Meteor clue to

dinosaur demise

A horn from one of the last surviving dinosaurs could be clinching evidence that a massive meteor strike ended the extinct reptiles' reign on Earth.

It was found in the bleak badlands of south-east Montana, US.

It was found just below the rock layer that marks the Cretaceous-Tertiary or K-T boundary -- the point in the fossil record where the dinosaurs died. This suggests dinosaurs disappeared suddenly, after an abrupt global disaster.